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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Art is Magical

There are very...not even very few. But NO post on how art can manipulate reality and the subconscious minds of others. I have read something on treasure mapping, but what I'm talking about is different someone, it's to an exclusive group of people. It's for artist, like myself. Artist manifest faster and stronger. Sorry, it is what it is. We create using our subconscious mind into reality every day of our lives.

I'm talking about artist who paint, draw, sketch etc. While musicians are artist as well. But never in the sense of the physical artist whose talent run in creating thought to the physical realm. If other artist who does not know this knowledge they need to learn.

This is beyond treasure mapping. We are not cutting and pasting from other artworks to create art. We can literally paint/draw the image or path we want. Do NOT clump us in a group with those who aren't artist please. It's offensive and demeaning to our talents.

Being a artist, means being powerful above all. It is what it is. Artist are responsible for your movies, your graphics, your advertising, everywhere you look, it's art. And if you emulate that from your soul, you can emulate anything. Everyone wants to be included in everything. Being artist is not about talent, it's about the soul.

Being a artist at spirit, cannot be learned or duplicated. Anyone can learn to draw, paint, but you can't learn to be a artist. It's something you're born with. Which is why when I visit art galleries, I can actually tell who is a artist and who isn't by the pieces displayed. To me it's obvious. Artist tend to be more intuitive than others, more emphatic, more right brained.

Magicians, witches, physics, etc tend to be artist. Not preachers, pastors, or fundamentalist. Because they teach limitation of art. I have manifested, AMAZING things just by painting them. This artist spirit seems to be frequent in my family. But most do not know their power. Artist do not get art block, artist do not need to look to others for inspiration. Those who worry about colors, proportions. and otherwise, unless they're doing a job, otherwise those who worry and criticize others art are NOT artist. I consider those who criticize REAL artist are just as dangerous as preachers.

These type of people can't even comprehend when someone says they're doing art because they enjoy it. Because people who can't understand it, aren't artist. They want to suppress and limit that person. It's not no ones place BUT the artist to  worry about their own development.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Hello World//What You Can Expect

Well I've finally decided to make my first post ever ^__^. I guess I could start by telling you about myself:

  • Well I'm a Virgo(Born Aug.27)
  • I'm from Detroit
  • I'm a Traditionalist (I believe in marriage, I believe in being feminine, I believe in expecting and demanding respect, meaning calling me bitch, even in a "friendly" is not flattering to me, it's offensive.)
  • I'm a  AA black woman who enjoys being feminine(Read Here) I love her blog, she pretty much voices what I've been thinking for some time)
  • I love to travel 
  • I'm a makeup enthusiast 
  • It's very hard to get to know me. I....don't trust others easily >__> (I guess that's my Virgo, so I have a small circle of friends, not too many can get in there. I've had so many fake people that have tried to get in, but failed. I choose my friends. There are certain qualities I like about people.)
  • I'm a Christian(But I don't attend church, I just believe in God and Jesus. But I don't have church think mentality) 
  • I don't like watching T.V(I like to decide what kind of content I want to consume)
  • I'm a very stubborn person(meaning I'm not easily swayed away from my views, opinions, etc. Actually, I become more stubborn if people try to push into their way of thinking)
  • I'm a picky eater 
  • I hate cooking x__x, unless it's on my own terms
  • I'm a dog person
  • My favorite color(s): Pink and Purple :333
  • I'm not feminist .__. never will be.(Read Here ) She explains it better then I do ^w^ 

What You Can Expect

Well, this is more like a daily life blog. Of course I'm going to talk about makeup/fashion X3. Also there will be TRAVEL DIARIES :D ! So look out for that.